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                                                                                 DOVE FOUNDATION for ages 12+   
                                                                                 "...will leave you feeling good         
                                                                         hard-fought war for independence..."     
                                                                          Dove Worldview, Edwin L. Carpenter

Threshold Repertory Theatre 
brings to the stage John 
classic, Of Mice and Men 
in association with 
Actors' Theatre of 
South Carolina... 
Directed by ATSC's 
Chris Weatherhead, 
starring Daniel Jones, 
Philip Gajewski with 
a professional supporting cast! 
Threshold Rep, Charleston’s 
professional theatre company 
brings the heart-wrenching classic, Of Mice and Men Jan. 14 - Feb. 13 - 2016

Based on the award-winning novel by John Steinbeck, it is the story of two friends 
searching for work in California during the Great Depression. 
John Steinbeck said it best; "Try to understand men, if you understand each other you will be kind to each other."
"This story rings true today on the importance of acceptance and understanding. 
We chose this piece in hopes of not only educating audiences but inspiring tolerance 
and compassion,” says Executive Director, Courtney Daniel. 

The story unfolds as George and his simple minded friend Lennie dream of owning their own farm yet Lennie’s excessive strength and mental handicaps derail their dream as they flee from one job to the next. Despite George’s irritation with Lennie’s antics he steps in to protect Lennie as his episodes continue to get out of hand. After Lennie accidentally kills a farmer’s wife, George must make a difficult decision to save Lennie from the farmer’s lynch mob.     ___________________________________________________
Adults $25/Seniors $20/Students/Military $15

Threshold Repertory Theatre  84 1/2 Society Street Charleston, SC 29401
843- 277-2172

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    "ALL FOR LIBERTY" Award-winning film!


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General info:
(843) 588-9636
Chris Weatherhead
Producing Director
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Casts & Crews of Movie Camp 
2013 "Best Times" (20 min.) 
& 2014 "Father's Day Or Grandad's Device" (29 min.)

Both winners of Top Remi Awards @ Houston Worldfest International Film Festival  
& Accolade Global Film Competition in California 2015

 "Creating Great Memories for 20 years..."
Clarence Felder (star) Chris Weatherhead (Director/Writer/Producer) & Jean Carlton (Associate Producer) receive awards for both films in Houston!
​                Radical Son 
                   A new play about race and freedom

                         Watch for updates!!

      Actors’ Theatre 
      of South Carolina presents 
      the world premiere 
      celebrating Charleston’s 
      own young John Laurens...

      unsung Revolutionary war hero 
      and one of America’s first 
      abolitionists 90 years before 
      slavery ended in our nation... 

      The exciting story reveals 
       Laurens' life in war,
       his struggles with his father, 
       Henry, as well as his 
       relationship with his British 
       wife and secretly freed 
       black servant, Phillip...  

            It's a timely production 
            with themes of courage, 
            love and forgiveness. 

       LOOK FOR 

Filmmaking students 
from left:
Katie Catoe, Tadia Anne White, Cameron King,
Olivia Levins & Zachary Shirley, rehearsing a 
scene from "Best Times", winner of a Gold Remi 
Award at Houston Worldfest Houston 
Film Festival, 2015!!!
For Movie Camp 2016 information...
call Chris Weatherhead at 843-588-9636
Clarence Felder & Robbin Knight 

  Adam Miles
  Terry Koster
  Kelvin Curtis
  Elizabeth Leigh Watson
  Jamie Bellah